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Starters & Side dishes

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Casablanca style cheesy garlic rolls.    

Boil 1 tub fresh cream with salt,  bl pepper, garlic, parsley, 60g butter. Slit rolls diagonally. Fill with mixture. Place in tray. Grate mozzarella and gouda cheese. Sprinkle origanum over. Grill in oven till cheese melts.

PS can replace half cream with cream cheese and chives.

Also very delicious if u add sum sour cream n cream style sweetcorn.


Soft french loaf cut in thin diagonal slices or ordinary bread cut into half triangles laid on oven tray

Gouda cheese grated.

Mozarella grated.


3TMiracle whip.

Ground green chilles to taste.

Salt and pepper.

Dry Parsley

Mix all of the above to a thick like spread.

Spread mixture over bread mus b generous.

Sprinkle feta cubes on top.

Put in oven @ 180 degress jus until bread crisps under then put under grill until cheez bcoms a little golden brown