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Ingredients1 Large Pineapple cleaned and cut into cubes – 1 x 410g Peach can Fruit – Pulp of 10/12 granadillas – Liquidize separately.


MethodLiquidize pineapple can fruit and syrup together with water and strain. Liquidize granadilla pulp with water and sugar to taste. – Strain and add to pineapple & peach. Serve with crushed Ice and Mint




Milk shake Rafaello


8 rafaellos

1 litre of milk

4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

4 scoops of coconut ice cream (or coconut milk)


Add the milk & ice cream into a blender. Roughly crush rafaellos. Blitz all ingredients until frothy. Serve immediately. Decorate with rafaellos and glase cherries.





 Hand full fudina. 1cup sugar. 1l water. Liquidise. Strain. Add1/4 cup passion cordial. 1/2 cup lime cordial. Freeze. Drink slushy.




 Marshmallow milkshake


1 litre milk

8 marshmallows (any colour)

4 tblsp brown sugar

4 tblsp coconut (finely dessicated)

8 tblsp






 1 2L cream soda ,1 2L sprite 1 bottle passion fruit 1 L orange juice-mix altogether n chill –refreshing




 KFC Krushers Recipe


If you would like to know how your favorite KFC Krushers is made, here

is a recipe that you can try at home.


For 1 Serving of KFC Krushers, here are the things you will need to prepare:



1 cup of Vanilla-flavored ice cream

2/3 cup of water

Ice- cubed or crushed

1/3 cup of fresh milk


Toppings- Here you can choose fruits such as banana,mango, strawberry,berries etc or

you can try Kitkat ,Milky Bar or Oreo


How To Prepare:

 1.Put vanilla ice cream, ice, cold water and milk in a blender and mix well.

 2.After blending well, mix in your favorite toppings and once again,

mix it using a blender. Blend for a longer time if you want smaller

fruit or chocolate bits.

 3.Done!!! Put in a cup and you are ready to enjoy your KFC Krushers!


*Ideas :

Crushed ice

Cubed tiny fruit.


INGREDIENTS: •5 Mangoes (cubed small). •2 Full cups of water •3/4 Cup sugar •Pulp of 4 Fresh Granadillas Method: •Liquidise water and sugar •Remove pulp from granadillas •Add to water •Give 1 spin in blender •Blend with sugar water •Add water mixture to bowl of cubed mangoes •Refrigerate



Kiwi-Melon Coolers


1 1/4cups light apple juice, chilled

2cups chopped honeydew melon, frozen

1kiwifruit, peeled, chopped, and frozen

Honeydew and kiwifruit wedges (optional)


1. In a blender, combine apple juice, honeydew, and kiwi. Cover and blend until smooth.


2. Pour into 2 glasses. If desired garnish with honeydew and kiwifruit.




20-30 fresh mint leaves

2 lemons

2 tbsp sugar

400 ml of Sprite/Soda water (If using Soda, double the amount of sugar)


Chop up the fresh mint leaves.

Slice the lemons down into thin wedges, removing all the seeds.

Drop the mint leaves and wedges into your jar/glass.

Add in the sugar.

Using a spoon/muddler, mash up everything. Ensure if everything is combined.

Pour in the Sprite/Soda water.



Summer layer

Yields 6 servings


•1 (2-liter) diet Sprite or diet 7UP

•1 bottle cranberry juice (not diet)

•1 (32-ounce) bottle berry blue or any blue-coloured Energade

•6 tall glasses

•Ice cubes


1.Fill the glasses with ice cubes.

2.Pour the cranberry juice into a glass, filling it just less than halfway full. Repeat with remaining five glasses.

3.Very slowly pour the blue Energade over the ice cubes so that it layers onto the cranberry juice.

4.Once all glasses are filled with the cranberry juice and Energade, top each glass off with diet 7UP or diet Sprite. Best if served immediately.



Ice tea                                                  

Pour 2 litres boiling water into a 4litre jug. Add 4 rooibos tea bags. Cool, then remove tea bags. Add 340ml lime cordial, 2 cups sugar n top up with water. Enjoy!!!!





3              cups                        Water – boiling

3              bags                       Lipton tea

¾             Cup                        Sugar

½             cup                         Lime cordial

1.5 – 2    litres                        Sprite


                                                Lemon slices



  • Immerse the tea bags into boiling water and sugar for few minutes – not too strong
  • When cooled add Lime cordial
  • Mix with sprite
  • Add lemon slices, mint and ice





8              Litres                      cold water

10           cups                        Sugar

½             cup                         Ginger – grated

1              pkt                          Yeast

½             cup                         Raisin

1              Tbls                        Cream of Tartar


1              tsp                           Lemon essence



  • Mix water and sugar, add all ingredients besides Lemon essence.
  • Mix well, leave overnight
  • Add lemon essence the next day, stir lightly but not from the bottom
  • Strain, freeze
  • Serve ice cold.


Note:      do not leave too long as it will start to ferment