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boil a can of evaporated milk in a saucepan,then remove from heat and add 1 can of nestle cream, then add 2-3 tsp of elachi powder(freshly ground), then add condensed milk and a half a cup of pistachios.whisk all 2gether,pour into ice cube trays or ice cream moulds,freeze. Delicious


1 packet Oreo biscuits

1 tin caramel treat

2 tbl cocoa

500ml fresh cream


Whip fresh cream until stiff. Mix the caramel and cocoa well. Fold the caramel mixture into the cream. Crush the biscuits well, and layer the cream and biscuits in a glass dish. Decorate with fresh cream and a few crushed pecan nuts. Chill in the fridge.


18 ferreros

3 tbl Nutella

500ml fresh cream


Whip fresh cream until thick. Add Nutella to fresh cream. Crush 17 ferrero into pieces and add to fresh cream. Decorate with ferrero in centre.


2 ltr Rich n Creamy vanilla ice-cream

1 big bottle Nutella

1 box Ferreros

1 slab whole nut chocolate


Soften ice cream. Add Nutella. Crush ferreros & add to ice-cream.

Lastly chop up whole nut add to mixture. Pour into a mould & freeze.


Burfee Dessert

1 litre milk

4 T sugar

11/2 T falooda powder

8 T klim or nespray

4 T custard powder

Boil altogether stirring continously.When thick,add 1 tin condensed milk and 1 small tin nestle cream.Pour into 2 serving bowls.Decorate with nestle cream and flake.

Top deck delight. ,

100 g dairy milk slab ,

3\4 cup milk ,

200 ml fresh cream ,

2 tsp cocoa ,

1\2 tsp china grass powder,

1\4 big tin condensed milk,

melt chocolate with milk on stove add in the china grass and cocoa

[dilute both in a little water ] add fresh

Ferrero Ice cream:

2lt rich n creamy vanilla

1 big bottle nutella

1 box ferreros

1 slab whole nut

Soften ice cream

Add nutella

Crush ferreros & add to mix

Lastly chop up whole nut add to mixture pour into mould & freeze.


500ml ultramel custard

500ml fresh cream, whipped

1 tin caramel treat

3 large peppermint crisps

Beat custard and caramel treat until smooth.

Fold in peppermint crisp and lastly fresh cream. Mix well.

Set into moulds and freeze overnight


1L milk

1 tin condensed milk

1 small tin nestle cream

6 bar one chocolates- cut 4 in small pieces & grate 2

Mix 2gether the milk, nestle cream & condensed milk.

Beat with egg beater till well combined.

Pour out 1 cup of the milk mixture into a thick based pot.

Add cut up chocolate pieces.

Melt the chocolate in the milk on low heat, do not burn.

When chocolate is melted, add back into the milk mixture.

Pour mixture into electric blender. Blend for 1min.

Leave to cool. Put in mould/ice cream container and freeze


1litre long life milk

2Tbspn semolina/tasty wheat

2tsp Mazeina

1 1/2 cup fresh coconut/dessicated

2Tbspn finely ground dates

2Tbspn freshly ground almonds

1/2 cup ground pistachios

1 x 155g nestle cream

1 x 397 tin condensed milk

1/4tsp elachie powder

Mix Mazeina, Semolina with the milk in a pot stir constantly on low heat until it thickens.

Remove from heat and add pistachios, almonds, dates, elachie, coconut, nestle cream, condensed.

Beat well and pour into moulds or ice cubes trays and freeze.

Scoop into balls, drizzle with honey and sprinkle pistachios and almonds when serving.

Mango delight

U cube ur mangoes up,make sure thy nice n sweet!take a small tub of woolies double thick cream+a cup of vanilla yogurt,mix it togetha n add to t mangoes,sprinkle whole lot of brown sugar n giv a mix!If u want u can leave lil cream to spread on top n sprinkle nuts n flake! N chill in t fridge!If u prefer it more sweeter u can beat ur cream lil wit castor sugar b4 u add it to t yogurt!

Frozen milo cheesecake


Base :

200g tennis biscuits-crushed

100ml milo granules

150g butter- melted

Filling :

250g Mascarpone cheese

250g smooth cream cheese

1 can condense milk

1 big can nestle cream

200ml milo granules

1 slab milo choc grated

Deco :

2 flakes / 1 grated slab milo choc

60ml milo granules


Line a 24cm springform pan with wax wrap or use individual Perspex cups.

Combine ingredients for base , press firmly in base pan or cups.

Now place all ingredients for filling in a mixing bowl – expect the grated choc , and beat with hand blender till smooth for about 5 minutes , fold in the grated choc, now pour the filling mixture ontop of your base , mix together your decor ingredients and sprinkle our , freeze overnight.

Remove from freezer at least 30minutes before serving

Aero chocolate mint pudding.

1 big tin nestle cream.

1|2 tin condensed milk.

1 pkt choc chip cookies.

1 big bar aero chocolate.

1|2 mug hot chocolate.

Aero chocolate to decorate. Fresh cream

Peppermint essence & green colour.


Whisk nestle cream.

Add in condensed milk.

Leave aside.

Dip biscuits in hot chocolate & lay in a dish.Pour the nestle cream mix on top.Leave to set.Grate a bar of Aero on top. Beat fresh cream with peppermint essence & green food color- pour on top of the chocolate.Decorate with grated aero chocolate.To make a more Chocolatey taste… Add in 1tsp cocoa in the nestle cream & condensed milk mixture

Caramel and pastry towers

Cut a sheet of ready puff pastry into rectangles. Brush with milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Bake at 180 degs until fluffy and golden. Cool well.

Whip a can of caramel treat.

Layer the pastry and caramel treat in 3 to 4 layers. You may add nuts as well.

Whisk up some fresh cream and dolop on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar and enjoy

Pan Cakes


1 cup all-purpose flour

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1, 1/2 teaspoons of Baking powder

A pinch of salt

An egg

2 tablespoon melted butter (must be unsalted)

1 cup of milk (room temperature)

For Maple Syrup:


1 cup brown sugar

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup water (combine all the ingredients and stir it for 10 to 15 minutes until it turns viscous)


We’ll initiate by mixing all the dry ingredients i-e flour, sugar, baking powder, salt. In a separate container, whisk egg with milk and butter. Combine the dry ingredients with egg batter and beat them unless they incorporate evenly. Keep it aside for at least five minutes for rising.

Heat a nonstick pan and grease well with some butter to avoid stickiness. Add a scoop of pancake batter into the pan. Don’t flip it over unless some bubbles start to rise on the top. Flip it and heat the bottom for less than a minute to gt a golden col


1              Litre                        Milk

6              Tbls                        Sago

4              Tbls                        sugar

2                                              Eggs – optional

1-2          tsp                           Ghas

Strawberry essence

1              tin sml                    nestle cream

1              tin sml                    condensed milk

1              tin sml                    ideal milk

  • Boil mil and sago
  • Add Ghas and sugar
  • Leave to cool
  • Add cream, condensed and ideal milk
  • Beat well
  • Add essence
  • Beat
  • Sprinkle nuts over
  • Leave in fridge to cool


1              Litre                        Milk

¼             cup                         milk

2              tsp                           Ghas

1              tsp                           custanrd

1              tin sml                    nestle cream

1              tin sml                    condensed milk

1                                              flake

  • Mix ¼ cup milk with the ghas and custard into a smooth paste
  • Boil 1 litre milk
  • Add Ghas mixture to milk
  • Boil till set
  • Add nestle cream and condensed milk
  • Set in bowl
  • When cold, sprinkle with Flake


250         ml                           Sugar

1              Tbls                        Butter

1                                              Egg

1              Tbls                        Apricot jam

250         ml                           Flour

1              tsp                           Bicarbonate of Soda

1              tsp                           baking powder

250         ml                           Milk


250         ml                           Milk

250         ml                           Cream

125         g                              Butter

125         g                              sugar

1              tsp                           vanilla Essence

  • Beat sugar and Butter
  • Add egg and jam
  • Sift flour, bicarb, baking powder
  • Add flour and milk alternately  to egg mixture
  • Cover pan
  • Bake at 180°c for 45 min to 1 hour
  • Melt ingredients of sauce
  • Pour over pudding


4              cups                        sugar

1 ½         cups                        Water

1              Tbls                        mazeina

½             tsp                           Vanilla Essence

4              Tbls                        halaal gelatine

½             cup                         Water

Toasted Coconut or icing sugar

  • Boil water and sugar together
  • Soak rest of ingredients together
  • Add all together and bear the mixture of ± 1 hour with an electric beater until a peak forms
  • Put into greased trays and lace in fridge for 1 hour
  • Cut into squares and roll in toasted coconut or icing sugar


¾             Lb                           Butter

1 ½         cups                        Sugar

3              Tbls                        Liquid Glucose

3              Tbl                          Warm Water

2              Cups                       almonds – chopped

  • Boil all ingredients except almond until golden brown
  • Add Almonds
  • Pour on tray
  • Allow to cool and break into pieces